Huey Lewis Spreads "The News" About Country Singer Tyler Barham at Hospital Benefit

Tyler Barham, named one of Billboard's Country Artists to Watch, was Pop music icon Huey Lewis' special guest for the Rhythm & Blues For a New ICU Benefit on July 6.  The event, spearheaded by Lewis and Montana based event coordinator Lynne Himes, helped raise over $400,000 for a new Intensive Care Unit for the Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital in Hamilton, MT.  Along with providing entertainment for the VIP dinner, the guest list for which included legendary sports announcer Brent Musburger, Barham joined Lewis' house band and singer Eden Atwood for a rendition of "Meet Me In Montana" at the evening's featured concert.


"He can sing like ringing a bell, this kid...He's going to be a big star." remarked Lewis during his introduction of Barham. Video Link  - 


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